In a moment when life feels like a game of chance and uncertainty seems dangerous, these otherwise logical, rational and organized loteria cards (original illustrations of the popular Mexican board game) get rearranged in collages to reflect the chaotic, painful, but sometimes humorous adventure of playing with the hand you're dealt. 


The Mermaid. The Devil. The Star. 
The most beautiful one has arrived. 


The Reaper. The Palm. 
I see you. 


The Gentleman. The Devil. The Brave One. 
More arms Darling, to better hug you. 


The Moon. The Umbrella. The Musician. The Brave One.
Yo soy ella. 


The Bird. The Hand.
He's starting to choke. It's been so long since he spoke. 


The Watermelon. The Sun. 
What do you do, then the watermelon stares back at you?


The Bell. The Lady. The Chalupa. The Canoe. 
Play Me. 

The Heart. The Boot. The Arrows. 


The World. The Rose. 
The burden of the artist. 


The Lady. The Deer. 
You wish for it for so long that it finally happens.