I drove around searching for her knowing she was visible in the transited streets and unassuming corners of Los Angeles.
Our Lady de Guadalupe, a symbol imported from Mexican culture, has a job in this city: to protect our homes and businesses and to serve as a good omen. In exchange for this she must be displayed in all her glory with magnificent colors and the story of her origin must be shown to all passers-by. With flowers and a visit to these public murals we let her know -not only that we remember about Her- but also that we remember who We are in this land. 

My inspiration for this project was my own sense of foreignness even in such a rich Hispanic region of the United States. Never devoutly religious, and not belonging the neighborhoods that host her, I instinctively chased after the icon that lives in every Mexican's consciousness. I found the image of the ultimate Mother of my culture to be alive and powerful and, by driving through unknown streets and photographing her, I got close and intimate with the city that I now call home, discovering a new feeling of belonging.