Sea, I dreamed of being as you are
Back in the afternoons where this life of mine
it opened under the warm hours ...
Oh, I dreamed to be as you are. 
Alfonsina Storni

This photography project was born from the admiration of two sources: the negatives from a still unknown photographer found at a thrift store a few years back and the poems of the late Alfonsina Storni who at the age of 46 and after a terminal diagnosis, took her life by drowning herself in the ocean. While she found the end by submerging in the waters of Mar del Plata in Argentina, she also looked up to it as if the sea had its own brave and courageous personality "I dreamed of being as you are". 

"I dreamed of the sea" accomplishes the visual goals of a nostalgic, soft-lighted atmosphere, while capturing the sensitivity and power of a woman facing the raging waters of the ocean. 

Direction: Monica Leal Cueva
Photography by Erik Herrera